So, it was probably a year ago when I stumbled upon this post on Instagram that really spoke to me, it shouted at me really. It was this girl, woman I should say, who reminded me so much of myself but with a twist. She was proud, she was unashamed, and she was radiant. You may have heard about her, read her blog, her books.. heard her podcasts and heard her tell her story.. but something about this woman pulled at my heart strings, I saw myself in everything she said.

Her name is Jamie, Jamie Wright, Jamie the Very Worst Missionary. Jamie is a woman who has been dealt a hard hand in life. She has been hit by life’s most difficult curve balls, and has from those difficult times has been molded and formed into the creation she is today. She is beautiful, inside and out, but does not hide who she has become. She has a foul mouth and a tender heart. She loves and wants to be loved whole heartedly. She was a teenage mother, much like my story, and found Jesus along to road to adulthood. I knew as soon as I read her post, and started learning more about her that this woman was going to change me, bring so much inspiration, pull my heart from the deep dark hole it had been placed in, whether she knew it or not.

Now, I’m just a fan. I’m a fan like millions of others who look at her life, the bits and pieces that she shares, and draws inspiration. I want to be so comfortable and proud of who I am that I speak like her, carry myself like her, love like her. But this most recent blog post that she shared about how her marriage has sadly ran its course is what really started tugging at me. I’m not one to share other people’s life stories, but this one.. this one spoke to me on a level that nothing else really has. It feels like this woman has been living inside of my head and has pulled my thoughts, and placed them so delicately and truthfully out there for the world to see.

The way she handles this situation, that is who I want to be. The way she still has love and respect for her husband, no matter what has happened, that is who I want to be. The way she doesn’t use a very popular quote from a prestigious author to validate or justify a bashing and trashing of her soon to be ex husband because he “should have behaved better”, but instead uses it as away to explain grace, and the difference in privacy and secrecy.. that is what I love about this woman. This blog post she has written shows me that there are people like me out there, people who are “damaged” and “less than” by societies standards, who ooze the love and grace of Jesus, even when it would be easier and more fulfilling to not. Her heart is breaking, her world is changing, but it doesn’t change who she is. I want friends like this. I want to raise daughters like this. I aspire to be like this.

My heart breaks for her and the trials she will face in the days, months, years to come. But her example of Jesus, his love for us and his grace, it is spot on. I hope when others look at my life, the choices I’ve had to make and the situations I’ve endured, I hope they see the same thing-and if not, that’s okay, I’m still a work in progress.

Take a peek, send me your thoughts! This is the link to Jamie’s Blog – Divorce, Death, and Resurrection. 


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